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An unique experience on board Il Moro di Venezia, winner of the 1992 Louis Vuitton Cup!

Live the emotion of sailing one the best yachts in the world in the exclusive Venetian setting, up to 18 guests on board!

For the corporate events, a Sailing Challenge exclusive.


  • € 242,00 per person for an event of one day on board Il Moro di Venezia for 36 people, divided in 2 groups of 18 each, one in the morning and one in the afternoon


  •  € 404,00 per person for an event of one day for 36 people, divided in 2 groups of 18 each: in the morning the first group will sail on board Il Moro di Venezia and the second one will be on board 4 sailing boats for an active sailing regatta; in the afternoon the two groups will exchange the activities


  • € 464,00 per person for an event of one day for 18 people on board Il Moro di Venezia


Quotation includes:


- 1 day or 2 consecutive half days (am-pm on the same day) of sailing regatta for 18 or 36 people

-  Il Moro di Venezia and eventually 4  7-metres sailing boats in sea worth condition, equipped with two sails (mainsail and genoa)

- berth in departure harbour

- boats positioning (from base to regatta departure harbour and return)

- four/six skipper on board of Il Moro di Venezia and one skipper for each boat with role of captain and coach

- 1 or 2 skippered rib for regatta assistance

- third-party liability insurance for each boat

- committee boat with qualified staff and appropriate equipment, for the official regatta only

- boats final cleaning

- fuel for boats transfer to and from harbours, before and after regatta

- Sailing Challenge’s staff on site and/or on board

- Sailing Challenge ‘s staff and skipper costs for food, beverage and eventually Hotel


The proposal has been made on number of guests indicated by you and, in case of any changes, we have to recalculate price per person.


N.B. In all offers, prices are per person and do not include VAT

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Think of the regatta at events with customers, prospects, agents, area managers, internal and external staff, managers, dealers - dealers, distributors, journalists, reporters, opinion leaders, consumer ...

it is fast and reliable, prices starting from € 160 per person


Sailing Challenge - Corporate sailing events and regattas


تحدي الإبحار - سباقات القوارب الشراعية والأحداث للشركات सेलिंग चैलेंज - दौड़ और कंपनियों के लिए नौकायन घटनाओं ΙΣΤΙΟΠΛΟΪΑ ΠΡΟΚΛΗΣΗ - αγώνες και διοργανώσεις ιστιοπλοΐας για τις επιχειρήσεις SAILING CHALLENGE - Regatta ja purjehdus tapahtumia yrityksille SAILING CHALLENGE - Regaty a plachtění akce pro firmy SAILING CHALLENGE - Regattor och seglingsevenemang för företag SAILING CHALLENGE - Regattaer og seiling arrangementer for bedrifter SAILING CHALLENGE - Kapsejladser og sejler events for virksomheder SAILING CHALLENGE - Regatta's en zeilevenementen voor bedrijven SAILING CHALLENGE - regatas de vela e eventos para empresas Парусная Challenge - регатах и парусных событий для компаний 帆船挑战赛 - 公司帆船赛和帆船比赛项目 SAILING CHALLENGE - Regatas y eventos náuticos para empresas SAILING CHALLENGE - Regatten und Segel-Events für Unternehmen SAILING CHALLENGE - Régate et événements de voile pour les enterprises Sailing Challenge - Corporate sailing events and regattas

There is a huge number of incentive proposals, but none are as exciting and innovative as those proposed by Sailing Challenge.
Marina Mirandola Minuzzi - Marketing Manager
Sweden & Martina S.p.A.

Hotel Chains Sailing Challenge is an excellent team building format that, through a sailing regatta, allows participants to establish an extraordinary relationship while having fun and training.
Angelo La Riccia – Sales Manager
UNA Hotels & Resorts

All was exactly what it was supposed to be, thanks to perfect organization - thanks very much to all the staff for its knowledge, competence and support. You are a sure thing!!! Margherita Ruggiero - Co-owner & Director of Marketing MotivationI had the opportunity to organize a very motivating daily activity for our sales force together with Oliviero. A very unique experience like a full-day sailing event, the HD Sailing Cup.
Riccardo Gaggio- Sales Manager Health Division
Perfetti Van Melle Italia

All was perfect, not even criticism, all participants completely satisfied! I can only express our best congratulations, also for your niceness, you have been able to create from the very beginning the right mood also with those who were a little bit cranky. All was perfect, not one criticism, all participants were completely satisfied! I can only express our heartiest congratulations. Additionally, through your niceness, you were able to create from the very beginning the right mood even with those who were a little bit cranky.
Mirka Ritelli – Partner