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Sailing Challenge

There is a huge number of incentive proposals, but none are as exciting and innovative as those proposed by Sailing Challenge. A "human" challenge and a close relationship with staff give the experience a particular unforgettable friendliness; this is not a luxury half-board hotel package! It's a 2-3 hours or 2-day game that can strengthen relations among participants while letting them forget their work environment and pit themselves against each other.

Marina Mirandola Minuzzi - Marketing Manager
Sweden & Martina S.p.A.

Professional and reliable both during the pre-event phase and during the operating phase. 
Guests were really enthusiastic about the active regatta!

Sergio Gamba – Manager
Seeitalia & Contact

Hotel Chains Sailing Challenge is an excellent team building format that, through a sailing regatta, allows participants to establish an extraordinary relationship while having fun and training.
Thanks to the skipper's support, a group of strangers become a real team after a full day of training & regatta, while allowing the possibility to create a strong relationship between hotel representative and prospective clients (agencies and companies).

Angelo La Riccia - Sales Manager
UNA Hotels & Resorts

Getting managers who are used to traveling around the world to be enthusiastic is not so easy. With a sailing regatta we fired up competition and fun for the participants, values they really appreciated in their final evaluation report.
All was exactly what it was supposed to be, thanks to perfect organization - thanks very much to all the staff for its knowledge, competence and support. You are a sure thing!!!

Margherita Ruggiero - Co-owner & Director of Marketing

I had the opportunity to organize a very motivating daily activity for our sales force together with Oliviero. A very unique experience like a full-day sailing event, the HD Sailing Cup: a real challenge between 6 boats in front of Lido di Ostia, an exciting experience that turned sales reps into real skippers, grinder and bowmen … When the regatta ended, guests were involved in another unique challenge: the Cooking Cup on board, which turned into Master Chef, another team builder with focus on event goals, role-playing and following rules.

Riccardo Gaggio- Sales Manager Health Division
Perfetti Van Melle Italia

Our guests say that the sailing regatta is still today an unforgettable memory and the best experience they've had over the past years.
The format was successful, able to produce ROI (return on investment), a goal that every company looks at when planning an event for clients. It's a win-win because it's a new experience, wonderful for those who love sea and sailing and unique for those who have never sailed before. The staff has a great technical competence and is perfectly able to communicate with all participants. On board, the Sailing Challenge skipper is like another sales rep of your company who takes care of your clients or prospects. A fair investment for an unforgettable experience!

Marco Pratolongo – Director of Sales

It's always a real pleasure to work with the Sailing Challenge team because other than an unquestioned knowledge in sailing events, it offers passion and creativity, a mix that allows it to be unique in its field of activity.
In occasion of a training event for important multinational company employees, organized by Action Brand in Valencia, Sailing Challenge perfectly managed the training moment, which consisted of a sailing regatta as team building. 
The regatta was in the same race area as the America's Cup and Sailing Challenge provided well-equipped boats, trainer skipper, equipment for guests, committee boat, ribs for assistance, maritime authority authorization and everything necessary to ensure a unique and safe experience. A very successful event organized with full collaboration. Sailing Challenge's creativity produces a huge number of original proposals and that means that the team knows very well what partnership with clients and agencies is. 
Sailing as training, fun, adventurous moment: this is Sailing Challenge's value from 2001.

Fabio Albanese - President
Action Brand s.r.l.

The ABB event organized by Sailing Challenge was a successful experience! Passion, energy, perfection in organizing the event in all its smallest aspects were at the foundation of this sailing regatta. We really hope to do it again soon.

Nadia Tansini – Communication Manager
ABB SpA Italy

Clipper Projects' Front Office wants to thank you for the perfect organization during our event in Santa Margherita Ligure. All participants express their congratulations and good comments.

Walter Prosetti – Managing Director
Clipper Projects Italia

Heartfelt and honest thanks.
You are extraordinary!

Karina Mariti – Office Administrator
Clipper Projects Italia

Thank you for your competence and collaboration!
All was handled in its smallest aspects and managed with the highest precision. Small details make a difference. Our team was stronger and more tight-knit at the end of the event.
Thanks to Federica for perfect timing and respect… what more do I have to say? See you soon!

Stefania Maggi – Corporate Communication Manager

We very much appreciated the quality of the services provided in Rome. Please do not hesitate to give my contacts to your potential customers in the future. I will be very pleased to recommend your services to them!
Thank you!!!

Nathalie Baltus – Marketing & Sales Support
Clearstream Banking

I want to thank you for the support in organizing that exciting and appealing activity. Your support during the pre-event phase was very important and it was even more important during the operating phase on site. I really hope to work again with you soon!

Daniela Lazzarato – Team Leader Operations
CWT Meeting&Events

Thank you for the organization and support during the whole activity. We want to share with you the enthusiasm of all participants. They have surely highlighted and appreciated your competence in sailing activity management both during the briefing time and during the regatta and post-regatta phases.

Stefano Quaia - HR Professional Development & CSR Manager
SAS Institute

We really want to thank all the Sailing Challenge staff for its competence, care and attention in solving all kinds of problems. Please also thank all who made this event a success.
Hope to collaborate with you soon.

Emiliano Brugnoni, Maria Rita Petrucci, Cristina Danesi , Roberto Cipullo
Fonema Spa

We worked very well with you and your support was always really helpful for the event organization.
So I really hope to collaborate with you soon, not only for business reasons but for the real pleasure of doing it.

Leonardo Visani – Project Leader

Congratulations, our participants liked the event much more than one of year before … we received several emails with compliments for a most perfect organization … so … MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Francesca Berna – Marketing
ACEA Electrabel

The event was a success!! I'm very pleased to confirm that all participants were enthusiastic and that your staff was really appreciated.

Livia Tagliento
Pro- Meet

All was perfect, not one criticism, all participants were completely satisfied! I can only express our heartiest congratulations. Additionally, through your niceness, you were able to create from the very beginning the right mood even with those who were a little bit cranky. It was a real pleasure to know you and to work together!

Mirka Ritelli – Partner

I confirm that the event was a great success... and the client expressed and reiterated that to us more than once. The team was well harmonized … and we were the first ones in this case who worked on team building... first-person testimonial speakers and actors.

Luca Tevarotto – Owner
Simmetria Immagine e Comunicazione

The trip was very much a success and the support we had was very good. The activities were excellent and the sailing quite brilliant!


We really thank you for the exciting experience we had during the regatta. Journey was very interesting for me. Regatta organization was simply perfect. All your partners were really kind and professional.

Laura Mancini – Managing Director
On Blue Srl

Thank you for everything: for the exciting experience, for your niceness and availability. I really appreciated the ability in harmonizing the whole group with great calm and often with a smile.

Angela Galloretti
Hi-Tech Travel Srl

All was perfect … to be honest, I do not have any suggestions for you! I hope to collaborate again soon!

Sabrina Corti
NEXT Promoincentive

Many congratulations to Oliviero and all his staff for their competence in managing the event; they seem to be experts that work with passion and happiness, that is the most important aspect for success. What I say is shared by all other guests; they got off the boats really enthusiastic! Sailing Challenge managed to transmit a great passion in very little time!
It is seldom that you find passionate experts in this field of activity were everything can be totally speculative.

Guido Franchi
Lombardini Marine

It seems to be only a few days ago when we got in touch the first time to organize this event, but several months have already passed. During that time, we had dreams and hopes (especially for good weather) and we worked hard, but with passion and fun. I think that is the key to your success: work and fun together.
For a person like me who likes sea and sailing, my satisfaction seems to be taken for granted, but seeing the enthusiasm and participation in all those who were worried and afraid at the beginning highlighted the event as a great success.
Thank you for your support, competence and all the advice given while organizing the regatta and on site.
I hope to have the opportunity to organize some more events with you, maybe training ones with a different target!

Pietro Leonardi
Astra Tech Spa

A specialized and careful team, always ready to study together with the client the best solution to reach the event goals. Planning capacity, precision and reliability are values that characterize this team.
A great experience for clients who can't forget the event's emotion!

Francesca Berna – Communication Manager
Acea Energia Spa

I had the opportunity to use Sailing Challenge service last summer to promote a suntan cream production line for which I'm responsible. We organized 2 legs in Tuscany in which we offered people a free skin check on board. During the morning, we offered free samples on the seaside and among the roadsteads with a tender. The experience was surely positive, consumers said it was a very original one!

Luca Maria Pellegrini - Associate Director Mature & Diversified Brands
MSD Italia Srl

My personal experiences and those with my clients were very successful thanks to a winning team up with the times, who takes care of their clients' satisfaction, details not to be undervalued; you are a perfect partner.

Giuseppe Lepri -  Managing Director
Newtours Venue Italia

Think of the regatta at events with customers, prospects, agents, area managers, internal and external staff, managers, dealers - dealers, distributors, journalists, reporters, opinion leaders, consumer ...

it is fast and reliable, prices starting from € 160 per person


Sailing Challenge - Corporate sailing events and regattas - Entertainment, incentive, training, we organize sailing events all over Italy and abroad


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